Karen Stewart – The American Gestapo

Born in the late 1950s, to an Air Force Officer and his wife. She lived all over the country and in Germany during his career. She had an interest in foreign languages and art, so she got the equivalent of a double major at FSU in German and Fine Art.

When she graduated college she applied to the National Security Agency to work as a linguist (translate and report foreign material of interest to the government), and after a stringent background check, was hired in 1982 by NSA.

I am a LinkedIn member with 28 years of experience as an Inteligence Analyst with the #NationalSecurityAgency. I have quite the tale to tell that encompasses vicious, #whistleblowerretaliation to an institutionalized psychopathic extreme that should scare the hell out of you considering NSA’s growth, power, and transition into the American Gestapo.

Karen Stewart


About Jesse Shelley

Many years of experience in the fields of Digital Forensic Science, IT Administration, and Network Security as a criminal investigator, evidence custodian (Chain of Custody, LEA records, case photos, forensic images), and network administration.

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