Federal Bureau of Investigation – Terminology

The following is a list of terms and definitions used by the FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This page undergoes continual updates and may be incomplete throughout.

Last updated 11/7/2020.


  • AD Assistant Director
  • ADIC Assistant Director in Charge
  • AFID Alias False Identification AG Attorney General
  • AGG Attorney General Guidelines
  • AGG-CHS The Attorney General’s Guidelines Regarding the Use of FBI Confidential Human Sources
  • AGG-Dom The Attorney General’s Guidelines for Domestic FBI Operations
  • AGG-Ext The Attorney General’s Guidelines for Extraterritorial FBI Operations
  • AGG-UCO The Attorney General’s Guidelines on FBI Undercover Operations
  • AOR Area of Responsibility
  • ASAC Assistant Special Agent in Charge
  • ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
  • AUSA Assistant United States Attorney


  • BFP or Blind Faith Program – The Blind Faith Program is an analytical program which provides a technical countermeasures profile for targets of investigative interest to the FBI. These profiles assess the technical sophistication of the intelligence service of a particular target in order to determine its capability to detect and/or nullify technical attacks directed against it.
    • Awareness of a target’s capabilities prior to a technical installation permits the selection of technologies appropriate to the level of sophistication of that target, thereby conserving resources.
    • The program reports the results of its analysis in the form of a Blind Faith report, which details and describes the technical sophistication of the target.
    • The Blind Faith Program may be used in Assessments and Predicated Investigations.
    • The Blind Faith Program is operated by the Operational Technology Division, Technical Operations Coordination Unit, Technical Evaluation Office (TEO).
    • I know this as (potentially), “The Predictor.”
  • BOP Bureau of Prisons BSA Bank Secrecy Act


  • CHS or Confidential Human Resource – A CHS file check determines whether the target of harassment or investigation has had a relationship with the FBI.
  • CDC or
  • CALEA Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
  • CAU Communications Analysis Unit
  • CCTV Closed Circuit Television
  • CD Counterintelligence Division
  • CDC Chief Division Counsel
  • C.F.R. Code of Federal Regulations
  • CHSPM Confidential Human Source Policy Manual ACS Automated Case Support
  • CHSVSM Confidential Human Source Validation Source Manual
  • CIA Central Intelligence Agency
  • CID Criminal Investigative Division
  • CLEA Criminal Law Enforcement Application
  • CMS Collection Management Section
  • CPO Corporate Policy Office
  • CSO Chief Security Officer
  • CTD Counterterrorism Division
  • CUORC Criminal Undercover Operations Review Committee
  • CW Cooperative Witness


  • DAD Deputy Assistant Director
  • DAG Deputy Attorney General
  • D.C. District of Columbia
  • DCO Division Compliance Officer
  • DCS-6000 (a.k.a. “Digital Storm”) captures the content of phone calls and text messages for analysis. Once the data has been captured, it is indexed and prioritized using the Electronic Surveillance Data Management System (ELSUR).
  • D.D.C. Department Document Committee
  • DI Directorate of Intelligence
  • DIOG Domestic Investigations Operations Guide
  • DMS Domain Management Section
  • DNI Director of National Intelligence
  • DOD Department of Defense
  • DOJ Department of Justice
  • DOS Department of State


EC or Exigent Circumstances – An emergency situation requiring swift action to prevent imminent danger to life or serious damage to property, or to forestall the imminent escape of a suspect, or destruction of evidence.

EA Emergency Authority

EAD Executive Assistant Director

EC Electronic Communication

ECPA Electronic Communication Privacy Act

ECS Electronic Communication Service

ELSUR Electronic Surveillance

EO Executive Order

  • ERS ELSUR Records System – The Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Record keeping System(ERS) was developed to track information related to individuals and entities that have been the targets of electronic surveillance coverage sought, conducted, or administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) pursuant to a court order, consensual monitoring, or other authority.
  • ESN Electronic Serial Number
  • ESU Electronic Surveillance Unit


  • FISA or Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act – The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (“FISA” Pub.L. 95–511, 92 Stat. 1783, 50 U.S.C. ch. 36) is a United States federal law which establishes procedures for the physical and electronic surveillance and collection of “foreign intelligence information” between “foreign powers” and “agents of foreign powers” suspected of espionage or terrorism.
  • FISA Intercept or “Tech Cut”
  • FISC or Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court – The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC, also called the FISA Court) is a U.S. federal court established and authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) to oversee requests for surveillance warrants against foreign spies inside the United States by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
  • FAA Federal Aviation Administration
  • FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • FBIHQ FBI Headquarters
  • FBINET FBI Network
  • FCC Federal Communications Commission
  • FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • FGJ Federal Grand Jury
  • FGUSO Field Guide for Undercover and Sensitive Operations
  • FI Foreign Intelligence
  • FI Full Investigation
  • FICP Foreign Intelligence Collection Program
  • FIG Field Intelligence Group
  • FISAMS FISA Management System
  • FRCP Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
  • FYI For Your Information


  • GPS Global Positioning System
  • GC General Counsel


  • HIMU Human Intelligence Management Unit
  • HR House of Representatives
  • HSC Homeland Security Council
  • HSPD Homeland Security Presidential Directive
  • HUMINT Human Intelligence


  • IA Intelligence Analyst
  • ICE Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • ICI Intranet to Counterintelligence
  • IINI Innocent Images National Initiative
  • IIR Intelligence Information Reports
  • ILB Investigative Law Branch
  • ILU Investigative Law Unit
  • INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization
  • IOB Intelligence Oversight Board
  • IP Internet Protocol
  • IT International Terrorism




  • Legat Legal Attache
  • LHM Letterhead Memorandum


  • MAOP Manual of Administrative Operations and Procedures
  • MAR Monthly Administrative Report
  • MIOG Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines
  • MLAT Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties
  • MOA Memorandum of Agreement
  • MSIN Mobile Station Identification Number
  • MOU Memorandum of Understanding


  • NSL or National Security Letter
  • NTR or Name Trace Request (CIA and NSA) – A Name Trace Request is a formal request to another government agency to conduct a search of its existing records for information regarding a subject of interest.
  • NAFTA North American Free Trade Association
  • NARA National Archives and Records Administration
  • NATO North Atlantic Treaty Agreement
  • NCTAUS National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States
  • NCTC National Counterterrorism Center
  • NCMEC National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
  • NFIPM National Foreign Intelligence Program Manual
  • NFPO No Foreign Policy Objection
  • NHCD National HUMINT Collection Directives
  • NIPF National Intelligence Priorities Framework
  • NISS National Information Sharing Strategy
  • NSB National Security Branch
  • NSC National Security Council
  • NSD National Security Division, DOJ
  • NSL National Security Letter
  • NSLB National Security Law Branch
  • NSPD National Security Presidential Directive
  • NSSE National Special Security Events
  • OCA Office of Congressional Affairs
  • OEO Office of Enforcement Operations
  • OGC Office of the General Counsel
  • OI Office of Intelligence, DOJ NSD
  • OIA Otherwise Illegal Activity
  • OIC Office of Integrity and Compliance
  • OIO Office of International Operations
  • OMB Office of Management and Budget


  • OO Office of Origin
  • OTD Operational Technology Division – based in Quantico, Virginia—develops and deploys technology-based solutions to enable and enhance the FBI’s intelligence, national security, and law enforcement operations. OTD is staffed with a wide array of highly-skilled and multi-disciplined agents, engineers, electronic technicians, forensic examiners, and analysts who support our most significant investigations and national security operations with advanced electronic surveillance, digital forensics, technical surveillance, tactical operations, and communications capabilities.


  • PCLU Privacy and Civil Liberties Unit
  • PCTDD Post Cut-Through Dialed Digits
  • PD Presidential Directive
  • PDD Presidential Decision Directive
  • PI Preliminary Investigation
  • PIA Privacy Impact Assessment
  • PG Policy Implementation Guide
  • PIOB Potential Intelligence Oversight Board
  • P.L. Public Law
  • PR Pen Register – A device which records or decodes electronic or other impulses which identify the numbers called or otherwise transmitted on the telephone line to which such device is dedicated.
  • PR/TT Pen Register/Trap and Trace



  • RCS Remote Computing Service
  • RF Radio Frequency
  • RFPA Right to Financial Privacy Act
  • RICO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations
  • RMD Records Management Division
  • ROCU Requirements Oversight and Coordination Unit


  • SA Special Agent
  • SAC Special Agent in Charge
  • SBP Subpoena Sub-file
  • SC Section Chief
  • SCI Sensitive Compartmentalized Information
  • SCION Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Operational Network
  • SIA Supervisory Intelligence Analyst
  • SMTJ Special Maritime and Territorial Jurisdiction
  • SOG Special Operations Group
  • SORC Sensitive Operations Review Committee
  • SPM Security Program Manager
  • SSA Supervisory Special Agent
  • SSG Special Surveillance Group
  • SSRA Supervisory Senior Resident Agent


  • TA Technical Advisor
  • TFO Task Force Officer
  • TMD Technical Management Database
  • TS Top Secret
  • TT Trap and Trace
  • TTA Technically Trained Agent
  • TEO or Technical Evaluation Office


  • UACB Unless Advised Contrary by Bureau
  • UC Undercover
  • U.C. Unit Chief
  • UCE Undercover Employee
  • UCFN Universal Case File Number
  • UCO Undercover Operations
  • UCRC Undercover Review Committee
  • UDP Undisclosed Participation
  • USAO United States Attorney’s Office
  • U.S.C. United States Code
  • USIC United States Intelligence Community
  • USMS United States Marshals Service
  • USP US Person
  • USPER US Person
  • USPS United States Postal Service
  • USSS United States Secret Service



  • WITT Wireless Intercept Tracking Technology
  • WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction




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